4 months! An Update on Blue.

Dear Blue,

Today you turned 4 months old. Crazy. We’re already having nostalgia about your first few weeks in the world, courtesy of our iphone photo stream. In 4 months, you’ve grown TALL. We had to cut off some pajamas to help you fit into them so you look like a baby Bruce Banner post-Hulk. Your feet are already peeking out of the end of the car seat. If you keep growing at this rate, by the time you’re eight you’ll be 88 feet tall. Godzilla baby.

You’re getting fatter by the day, Blue. Your double chin is wide and substantial and proud, like a well-groomed beard. Underneath it, deep in the canyon folds of your neck, you grow daily crops of what we like to call neck cheese. A delightful combination of sweat, milk and spit up, cleaning out your neck cheese is a daily ritual. If we don’t do it, you get sores down there. Who knew?

Anyway, the development milestones for 4 months:

Interested in his or her image in mirror, smiles, playful.

You’re so vain, Blue. Every time you see yourself in the mirror, you smirk and stick a finger in your mouth.

When you’re not crying to tell us to feed or change you, generally you’re a happy baby. 4 months have passed, and I’ve never seen you start crying once because you were scared.

Reaches for objects.

It’s been an important goal for us to have you attach to a stuffed animal of some kind. We have a whole zoo of animals for you to choose. Teddy bears. Cookie monster. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Cows. Puppies. Nothing clicked. You just stared blankly at all of them, until we showed you Nemo. You love you some Nemo, Blue. Every time you see him you squeal and air bicycle your legs in a dead sprint to get a hold of that fish. When you get him, you immediately try to eat his eye. Good taste, boy.

Your second favorite toy is my hair. You love to pull my hair when it comes within range. Whenever I bend down close  enough, you grab a ample handful and pull with all your might. Sometimes, for extra fun, you like to plant your foot right on my adam’s apple and kick while pulling. 4 months in and already getting your MMA moves down. Nice.

 –Pivots around when lying on stomach.

This is a struggle. Like I’ve said before, you’re working on tummy time. So far, it’s going well considering you haven’t suffocated. Somehow you forgot how to roll over, so what eventually happens is you get tired, spread your arms out like you’re an airplane and then grunt loudly until somebody flips you over.

 Most of the time, we place you just out of range of your play mat. You want so badly to turn towards it, but you can’t quite figure out how to coordinate your feet with your arms. One of these days you’ll figure out that your feet are more effective on the ground than in the air, but until then, keep dreaming of that play mat, Blue.

Puts toys or other objects in mouth.

See Nemo above.

 –Makes ah-goo sounds.

At 4 months, your range of sounds is limited. Of course you can make ah-goo sounds. You also squeal, chirp, grunt and growl. Most of the time you’re content to talk to yourself, but you’re also very willing to voice your displeasure when you see your mother or myself on our cell phones when we should be playing with you.

Happy 4 months Blue! I think we’ll keep you





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