Baby VS. Grape


Dear Blue,

You’re 8 months old and a lot of things are happening quickly. You grew two new teeth; little gapped chiclets popping out of the top of your pallete. You started to crawl, and we have about 8,000 videos of you figuring out the process. You’re starting to figure out how to stand up, and already you can pull yourself up if you have something to pull. Your hair is big and curly and your mother ties it in a samurai top knot when your scalp gets sweaty, which it does all the time because summer isn’t reading his social cues and still sticks around even though he’s not welcome.

We’ve known since we first met you that you had spirit, Blue. The other day, you ate a grape. That might not be anything noteworthy most of the time, but it was the way you ate that grape which made us laugh so hard.

Eating a grape is no easy proposition for you. Or us. We can’t just give it you, because you might try to swallow it without chewing, and it’s the perfect size to get stuck in your throat. So your mother lops off the end so that the insides show, and then lets you suck on it while she holds it. It’s your very first lollipop, and you love it.

I wanted to see if you could eat one, so I cut it up with a little citrus knife. I made a square size chunk without the skin and placed it on your tray.

“He won’t be able to pick it up,” your mother said, looking down at the pint-sized piece of grape. “It’s too small.”

She had a point. It was tiny. Barely the size of one of your fingernails. I went to go chop another grape, to make it a little bigger.


I looked up, and there was your tiny, nimble little hand, dramatically scooping up the grapelet. You smashed your palm into your gaping mouth, and popped the piece into your four chomping teeth. The whole time, you never took your eyes off your mother. You were just staring at her, chewing on that little piece. When you were done, you turned to me and stretched for another grape.

We’re learning very quickly. You don’t like to hear about what you can’t do. Happy 8 months!





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