Expanding the Audience


Dear Blue,


Writing has a peculiar habit of shrinking time. Seconds, minutes, days, months and years have no distinction in the spaces between words. Not coincidentally, it has now been over six months since I wrote you anything, and in that time, so much has happened.


This includes moving into a new house and starting a new job, which are considered to be two of the four most stressful events in a person’s life. It’s been absolutely crazy around here, and I hope you’ll forgive me for not writing as much. I’m sure you will, because to you this will just be the next post and nothing more.


I do intend to write more letters to you, Blue. Maybe I was wrong in saying that writing shrinks time. Maybe it just forgets that it exists. Because here I am, imagining a teenage Blue reading these for the first time. I hope you find these letters all that I intend them to be: insightful, profound and illuminating. If nothing else, I hope you at least find them worthy of an occasional chuckle and only slightly embarrassing.


If that is accomplished, then I consider this a success. Because no matter what, you are the only audience that matters. Well…you and one other person. I neglected to mention earlier that in addition to moving and starting a new job, your mother and I are about to experience the third most stressful event in life for the second time.


Your sister arrives in June, Blue.





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