Moment #791: May The Force Be With Poop

star wars lego stormtrooper

Dear Blue and Wheels,

We are a Star Wars family.

I’m currently watching The Force Awakens for the fifth time since buying it last week. Rey is Luke’s daughter, by the way. I know this after sifting through the “clues”, which will seem obvious to you in the future. It’s kind of obvious now, but Disney thinks they’re being clever by not saying it yet.

Coupling that with the release of the Rogue One trailer, I’ve been humming the theme music pretty much whenever I can. It’s catchy, easy to hum, and helps tamp down the fumes attacking my nostrils during a changing session.

One time, during a particularly noxious diaper change, I did not hum the theme music because it didn’t occur to me. You grab my hand as I go to pull off your pull-up diaper, Blue, you shake your head and say, “Dun, duh, duh, dadda,” which I immediately and correctly translated as, “Slow your roll, dad. You need to get to humming the Force Theme so we can do this right.”

I did, and you squealed with delight, Blue.

This was a moment in time.

Wheels, your name was almost Jedi. That moment passed us, thankfully.



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