Moment #813: Yellow fry

Dear Blue and Wheels,

Blue, you have discovered salt. Not just that it exists, but what it can do to magically transform foods into categories that include ‘want to eat forever’ and ‘meh, I’ll eat it because you say I should but I will let you know this is not my preference.’

You have tasted salt before, but tonight was a first. After we gave you a french fry, you demanded more french fries. Natch. Then, when we ran out of french fries, your mother quickly improvised and pulled out a bag of freshly cut bell peppers from the backpack. The fries were immediately dubbed ‘green fries.’ You took a few bites; crisply snapping a pepper in two, chewing it for a moment and then spitting it back out with a look equal parts betrayal and disgust.

The message was clear but we’re working on communicating with words, and it’s amazing how much information toddlers can convey with just a few words at their disposal. This is our conversation, word for word.

Me: You don’t like it?

Blue: No green fry.

Me: If you’re hungry, you have to eat green fries. It’s all we have.

Blue: Yellow fry.

Me: We don’t have anymore.

Blue: Hi mommy.

Mom: (laughter)

This guy…





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